MSST Committee

Committee Purpose

The purpose of the MSST Committee is to manage and maintain the Manufacturing Standards and Specifications for Textbooks (MSST). The MSST is used to maintain appropriate physical standards of quality and performance for printed elementary and secondary instructional materials, which may include textbooks, related educational materials, bound, unbound and kit- or package-form materials.

Committee Composition

The members of MSST Committee shall consist of the volunteers from the State Instructional Materials Review Association (SIMRA), Educational Publishers, and the Book Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. (BMI). Each group shall have a minimum of 2 volunteers on the committee. The committee shall maintain the MSST. Each group will get one vote and for changes/proposals to pass, the vote must be unanimous. A quorum will be defined as two members from each association in attendance at a meeting.

The Committee shall be directed by a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. The role of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall be filled for two-year terms. Each group will have a representative of their choice fill these rolls when it’s their turn. For example, if SIMRA has the chairperson role and BMI the Vice Chairperson role, after two years, BMI would fill the chairperson role and the Publishing group the Vice Chairperson role.

  • Chairperson – the chairperson shall oversee the scheduling of all meetings, the management of all meetings and ensure the bylaws are upheld. Appointment of the Chairperson shall be by the group responsible for filling the role at that time.
  • Vice Chairperson – the vice chairperson shall fill in for the chairperson if the chair cannot fulfill his or her duties. Appointment of the Vice Chairperson shall be by the group responsible for filling the role at that time.

Committee Meeting Schedule

The MSST Committee shall hold one meeting each year. There shall be an early September meeting each year to review any questions, interpretations, or changes necessary for the MSST. An update to the MSST will be made after that meeting with a new version posted on the website. All minutes from the meetings will be published on the BMI website for public review. Ad hoc meetings will be held as necessary as determined by the Chairperson.

Committee Responsibilities and Duties

  • Updating and maintenance of the MSST document
  • Testing and acceptance of new materials or practices
  • Interpreting the MSST for the general public
  • Documenting key interpretations in the MSST
  • Revisions of the MSST with changes to the industry
  • Maintenance of the BMI website that houses the MSST
  • Communication and marketing to the general public
  • Ensuring the MSST is a public document
  • Organizing and providing training on the MSST for organizations that request it

*The MSST Committee was formerly the Advisory Committee on Textbook Standards (ACTS). Click Here for a history of ACTS.