BMI Announces Rising Star Awards

Posted By: Matt Baehr Awards,
The Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI) has announced the launch of the Rising Star Award to recognize book industry professionals who are making a positive impact on their companies, in their communities, and in the industry.

The inaugural class of honorees will be announced at an awards presentation on Monday April 29, as part of the annual BMI Spring Management Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This new honor was conceived to “spotlight up-and-coming, worthy colleagues from companies in the printing, binding, and manufacturing sector—a vital segment of the book publishing supply chain,” according to Matt Baehr, Executive Director of BMI. “We believe in recognizing the leaders of tomorrow with our full support today.”

The selection criteria:

  • Sustained excellent job performance
  • Contributions to their company, community, and/or industry
  • Continued training/education/learning within the industry
  • Demonstration of exemplary customer service, community service, and/or industry service
  • Age 39 years younger as of March 15, 2019 (the end of the nomination period)
  • Employed in BMI’s network of member companies

BMI President James H. Fetherston of Worzalla Publishing Company said, “A lot of innovation and invention in the industry is driven by our colleagues at the center of companies—those who are well past the entry-level, though not yet up in the C-suite. I think it’s a great idea to acknowledge these ‘rising stars’ for the notable contributions they’re making to our processes, bottom lines, and culture.”

Nominations are open on BMI’s website.