BMI Publishes State of the Book Industry Report

Posted By: Matt Baehr Industry,

The Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI), has produced a first-ever State of the Book Industry Report, based on extensive research, to inform business leadership across the supply chain on current market data and emerging trends.

The culmination of several months of research and analysis, the full report is offered for free as a benefit to members of BMI; interested parties in the print sector can download an executive summary on under the Resources tab.

Topics covered in the 2019 State of the Book Industry report include:

  • Analysis of how the printing and manufacturing of books fits into the larger print economy
  • Economic forces impacting book manufacturers
  • Key trends in book readership, consumption, and demand
  • Key Management Issues for Book Manufacturers in 2019
  • The impact of digital reading on print formats
  • Benchmarking data for income and operating metrics

Matt Baehr, Executive Director of BMI, said, “One way that BMI provides value is by executing high-level sector-wide research, so our member companies can gain insights, understand trends in the manufacturing landscape, and make informed decisions about investments and business strategies.”

In addition to providing data and analysis, the 2019 State of the Book Industry offers meaningful advice for manufacturers to manage the downside risks associated with various economic scenarios.