Book Manufacturers’ Institute Publishes 2021 State of the Book Industry Report

Posted By: Matt Baehr BMI News,

The Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI), has released this year’s State of the Book Industry Report, to inform business leadership across the supply chain on current market data and emerging trends. Last year’s report was done just as many COVID lockdowns had started. It was hard to make any predictions about what the rest of 2020 would look like. Now that we are fully into 2021, this year’s report looks back at a year like none other and points to what is coming down the road.

The full report is offered for free as a benefit to members of BMI; interested parties in the print sector can request an executive summary by contacting BMI directly.

Topics covered in the 2021 State of the Book Industry report include:

  • Overall economic trends and statistics
  • Factors impacting book manufacturers, such as employment
  • Key trends in book readership, consumption, and demand
  • Key Management Issues for Book Manufacturers in 2021

“Last year was one many of us would like to forget. New challenges were popping up every week. As we move forward, economic and labor trends, along with supply chain issues will affect our industry greatly. The 2021 Sate of the Book Industry report provides some context and a good vantage point of where things are right now,” said BMI Executive Director Matt Baehr.

The report is part of BMI’s 2021 Annual Research program that is sponsored by Lakeside Book Company, Lindenmeyr Paper, Rolland, Canon, HP, Core Publishing Solutions, Crown Van Gelder, Muller Martini and Screen USA.