BMI Announces 2023 Award Winners

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The Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI) has announced recipients of Signature Award, as well as four new members to the Cased-in Club.

The honors, which were presented Monday evening November 6th at the Awards Banquet at the Fall Annual Conference in Palm Beach Gardnes, Florida, recognize BMI members who not only contribute to the success of their organization, but also to the continued success of the book manufacturing industry.

Matt Baehr, Executive Director of BMI, said, “This distinguished cohort of award recipients has undeniably influenced book manufacturing for decades. I am thrilled to commend their achievements, marking a momentous celebration of not only their individual accomplishments but also the collective impact on the entire book industry.”

The Signature Award, given to a BMI member who has made a valued contribution to the welfare of the industry and/or the Institute through the display of superior leadership qualities on an issue of particular concern to the industry or, for exhibiting such qualities over an extended period, was awarded to Charles Cline, formerly of National Starch and David McCree of Lakeside Book Company.

Membership to the Cased-in Club is awarded each year to BMI members who have served in the industry for more than 20 years and have worked with the BMI with distinction. The 2023 recipients of this privilege are: Rick Lindemann of Total Printing Systems; Peter Martini of Dr. Gunther Kast GmbH & Co; Todd Roth of Thomson Reuters – Core Publishing Solutions; Doug Sexton, formerly of HP.

When asked about the awards, Dwight Vicks, newly elected President of BMI, said, "It is truly exhilarating to unite in celebration of our industry and the printed book. The recipients of these awards embody an extraordinary level of commitment and enthusiasm. We feel fortunate to have individuals of this caliber within the BMI and the book industry."