Book Manufacturers’ Institute Publishes State of the Book Industry Report

Posted By: Matt Baehr BMI News,

[ORMOND BEACH, FL—April 9, 2020] The Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI), has released this year’s State of the Book Industry Report, to inform business leadership across the supply chain on current market data and emerging trends. The information in the report was developed from early 2020 through early April 2020. The economic and print market outlooks are based on available data as of early April 2020. Because of the dynamic nature of the economy and print markets as a result of COVID-19 these projections could change significantly.

The full report is offered for free as a benefit to members of BMI; interested parties in the print sector can request an executive summary.

Topics covered in the 2020 State of the Book Industry report include:

  • Analysis of how the printing and manufacturing of books fits into the larger print economy
  • Economic forces impacting book manufacturers
  • Key trends in book readership, consumption, and demand
  • Benchmarking data for income and operating metrics
  • Key Management Issues for Book Manufacturers in 2020

Matt Baehr, Executive Director of BMI, said, “Coming into 2020, BMI was excited to be continuing our State of the Industry report series. Although no one could have predicted how much things would change from January to April, we’ve put together a snap shot of the industry along with solid historical data and other metrics that should help the book industry as we move forward through 2020.”

In addition to providing data and analysis, the 2020 State of the Book Industry offers meaningful advice for manufacturers to manage the chaos associated with the current economic environment.